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Welcome to Westlouia!

WestlouiaLast Train To Pivot is a game where you, Garret Rapids, need to deal with the freaky monsters and strange occurrences that plague your town by using your new Ice Powers!

Another Demo Is Out!

The first demo was a bit of a mess in places, so I released a new one with some fixes and new features. I think this one is closer to what I'm going for. 

This game is still quite early in development. Feel free to shoot any questions or feedback at me! I'll try to keep y'all updated on how development is going.

You can contact me via:

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags2d-platformer, 32-bit, Cute, Dragons, fairies, otter, Pixel Art, snail


Demo V2 (Current) 8 MB
Demo V1 (Old) 6 MB

Install instructions

When the .zip is downloaded, extract it and run the westlouia.exe file.

Development log


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Hi I want to tweet you but I don't want anyone from the mother 4 team to recognize me there so I deleted my tweet. I want to tell you here instead regarding your tweet with one of the team members! 

"Nah its been forever since we last seen that filthy trailer in 2020. I be surprised if the M4 team are still alive and still can't to do anything with the game anymore because of too much school and work taking up most of the time from the team, I can tell they hardly get free time."

That was my tweet. Hope they wouldn't find this, not they shouldn't care about other people's games if they want to waste more time working on it when they have no more free time to continue it. This was why M4 never came out when it was supposed to in 2014 Winter according to a old trailer. 

Im going to open a new post on game dev log or a better page around here so more people can find me if they might be interested to join my own Earthbound games coming! You can find my Discord name there on the new post (when I open it today) if you want to chat with me!


Looks fun and super cute! I enjoyed the demo!


Thank you! A new demo is coming out... soon enough, as well. It's a lot more up-to-date and has its own self-contained side-story. Hopefully I have it out by the end of the month.


this   is awesome pal, I love how it is looking!


Thanks! I've been trying my best to pump this out. It might take a while, but It's getting there.


needs more minecraft references 


Haha this game is dumb. You are a silly man.