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Ur art is damn good dude! I'm excited to try this out!



Dude. I love teaks tale. I have one dollar on my debit card and i want to give to you. Do you have paypal? Can you keep me up to date on this game please? My email is


As a 2D platformer junkie, this exceeded my expectations.

First off, if this is a demo for a larger project... wow. I can only imagine what the full version's going to be.

This game plays amazing. The physics are on-point - not too floaty, not overbearing. While the difficulty is a tad easy on my end, I don't think this game needs to be balls-to-the-cheese-grater difficult.

Graphically, it's right up my alley. I feel the Yoshi's Island-esque art style suits this game well. While I wouldn't call it straight-up pixelated, the character sprites gives this a late 16-bit era feel.

The sound is in the same boat as well. Crunchy chip tunes are bomb.

The controls are simple, crisp, and hit the sweet spot between too responsive and absolutely sluggish.

Overall, I regret not getting this video out sooner. I'm stoked to see how this concept evolves into its final product. Impressive work!


Nice little game you've spent time putting together. I did a video and really enjoyed the playthrough. The only issues I had was that at the end of each level there is an 'o' in the exit and I couldn;t get this to work with the xbox controller but eventually worked out that the up key is to exit but as always, I didn't read the instructions.

well done and good luck


The X's and O's in the doors are there to mark whether or not they can be entered, since I'm only using one-way doors for the sake of not having to worry too much about story flags. You're not the only one confused by them, though! There's gotta be a much better way to do that on my part, lol. Also, I just noticed I forgot to mark which key enters doors in the description.

Thanks for the playthrough! I don't have very much raw footage of this game, so it helps a lot.